Alec Zeck | Health Freedom and the Way Forward

The Melt Podcast
The Melt Podcast
Alec Zeck | Health Freedom and the Way Forward

I speak with the executive director and founder for Health Freedom for Humanity Alec Zeck about propaganda as narcissistic abuse, medical free will, evil shrouded in virtue, parentifying the “experts”, raging for the machine, trusting your own experience, the temporal nature of identity, scientism as atheist religion, the motivations for the agenda, becoming self sufficient, soul wealth, and the Law of One.

JUST ANNOUNCED!!! HEALTH FREEDOM FOR HUMANITY SYMPOSIUM 2021 will be taking place in Kansas City, MO. on October 8-9!!! Some of the guests include: Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Jess Peatross, Dr. Ben Tapper, Ali Zeck, Jeff Witzeman, and many more!! For more info go here.

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The Law of One:

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