Jasun Horsley | Pt. 3: “The Vice of Kings”

The Melt Podcast
The Melt Podcast
Jasun Horsley | Pt. 3: "The Vice of Kings"

I speak with author and podcaster Jasun Horsley about the third book in a loose series about social engineering, superculture, the Fabian Society, systemic abuse, and the connection of all of this to the Left and socialism.

Jasun’s website: https://auticulture.com

Jasun’s podcast: https://auticulture.com/liminalist/

Where to purchase Jasun’s latest book “16 Maps of Hell” for a limited time 45% off discount: https://auticulture.com/liminalist/16-maps-of-hell-campaign/

Jasun on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMftyNebrvcOnwBXVFLTdbg

Jasun on Twitter: @JaKephas

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