The Liminalist | Naguals in Hollywood Pt.2 (Interview with Hunter)

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The Melt Podcast
The Liminalist | Naguals in Hollywood Pt.2 (Interview with Hunter)

This is the second part of an interview that Jasun Horsley did with Hunter for his podcast The Liminalist and was released on February 1, 2020 as Episode #227.

He writes:

Conversation with Hunter Muse on her experience with Carlos Castaneda, the sorcery path, & on the edges of Hollywood insider weirdness.

Part Four: The Teeth that Fit the Wound (0 – 22 mins)

Amy Wallace’s drug addiction, Castaneda’s power circle, sorcerers hierarchy, a cult of masturbators, the androgynous look, exploiting narcissism, friends with Carrie Fisher, losing don Juan, Amy’s childhood trauma, the teeth that fit the wound, dissociative disorders & brain bifurcation, a sorcerer’s rationale, ego destruction.

Part Five: A Manufactured Mythos (22 mins – 45 mins)

A tragic trajectory, the capstone of the Castaneda opus, UCLA cover-up, an industry of sorcery, Margaret Runyan’s book, a manufactured mythos, Bruce Wagner & Map to the Stars, a Hollywood party, one of the elements, synchronized scripts, working as a hostess at a taxi dancer club, Tracy Kramer, Suzanne Lanza, Wagner & Carol Tiggs, John Cusack’s body work in Map to the Stars, the egotism of the healer, sorcerers’ placebo.

Part Six:  Hollywood blood party (45 mins – end)

More parallels between Map to the Stars & Castaneda, sorcerer-incest, the blue scout, evil Hollywood, Wagner as the usher, Julianne Moore & Carrie Fisher, child sacrifice, the Hollywood rat race, a celebration of depravity, procuring women in Hollywood, normalizing perversity, Hollywood blood party, sexual objectification of children, dark Disney, amorality for sorcerers & superstars, Family Guy.

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