The Liminalist | Naguals in Hollywood Pt.1 (Interview with Hunter)

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The Melt Podcast
The Liminalist | Naguals in Hollywood Pt.1 (Interview with Hunter)

This is the first part of an interview that Jasun Horsley did with Hunter for his podcast The Liminalist and was released on February 1, 2020 as Episode #227.

He writes:

Conversation with Hunter Muse on her experience with Carlos Castaneda, the sorcery path, & on the edges of Hollywood insider weirdness.

Part One: The Gospel of Carlos (0 – 28 mins)

First encounter with the Castaneda group in Tempe, Arizona, witches party, talks at the Phoenix bookstore, the lure of the second attention, magical passes, tensegrity on YouTube, becoming an insect, first impressions, recruitment meetings, moneyed people, Kylie Lundahl, doing what it takes, secret Sunday classes, Carlos’ decree on bored fucks.

Part Two: Layers of the Onion (28 – 55 mins)

First meeting with Carlos, the look of a Mexican valet, expectations for a sorcerer, the spell of the books, referencing don Juan, an added secret layer, a mystical package, charging for knowledge, the power of intent, seeing through the cult, government programs, the seed of don Juan, Carlos’ compound, working at Cleargreen, the layers of the onion, Merilyn Tunneshende, Margaret Runyan, Amy Wallace, doing sound at seminars, Carol Tiggs’ notes, throw the books away, wanting to believe.

Part Three: The Trigger Effect (55 mins – end)

Writing Sorcerer’s Apprentice, editorial assistance, Irving Wallace’s amphetamine addiction, an incoherent narrative, Amy’s drug use, dumping secrets on Amy, the bridge between Carlos and the cult, Castaneda’s death, the cover-up, a magical veneer, the disillusionment process, enmeshed sorcerers & sex games, the trigger effect, the Castaneda legacy, the film rights, Haley Van Houston, where the witches went, the final edit of Amy’s book, Amy’s sacrifices, Amy’s bugging devices, assignments from Amy, sorcery soap opera.

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