Tolec | Human Evolution and The Andromeda Council

The Melt Podcast
The Melt Podcast
Tolec | Human Evolution and The Andromeda Council

I speak with Tolec, the earthly ambassador of the intergalactic Andromeda Council, about the function and history of the Andromeda Council, time traveling to the 1840s, his near death experience at 1 1/2 years old, getting on a spacecraft in Tuscon, escaping a catastrophic spacecraft crash, our individual vibratory signatures, the coming earth changes, humankind’s dimensional upgrade, what we can do as individuals to raise our frequency, attending an off-world musical performance, the real identity of what we call the Norse gods, the intergalactic origins of Native Americans, earth as repository, ancient humans as advanced worker apes, the differences in the Ds, and higher dimensional child conception.


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